The only place for health care lovers in Thailand That are ready to meet all needs Of the residents in all areas

Fully answer all the needs of medical care, rehabilitation, and elderly care. On an area of ​​more than 1,200 rai

And there are many amenities, including the Wellness Hospital. Single-family home wellness home Wellness Smart Condo, Wellness Hotel

And Wellness farm Wellness City's current expansion into the City Wellness World imaginary existence.

The goal is to expand well-being throughout Thailand and strive to go beyond the world.



"Project Manager WellnessWorld Foresees an opportunity in Thailand Will step up to become a country where the elderly from around the world

Have ambition   Will spend more time in Thailand than any other country in the world "

From WellnessCity

To WellnessWorld

From Wellness City, the city of well-being

Step into "Wellness World"

A real imaginary city


Smart Living in Wellness World around Thailand

"Happy body ... happy ... can live all over Thailand in the Wellness World"

Architectural plans

Dr. Boonchai ISRA Pisit.

Executive Chairman, Wellness World Thailand Group of Companies


Prepare to meet with 9 Wellness World projects nationwide.


Wellness City, the city of well-being .. Retirement World class quality The only place in Thailand That answers all the needs of taking care of the elderly

Patient and health rehabilitation Wellness City .. It has been operating for more than 18 years since the inspiration of

Dr. Boonchai Isarapisit to build a special type of housing For retirement Take care of the elderly sick

Including a complete health recovery that comes with 6 elements:

Having a good society and a good environment Is safe Being comfortable, healthy and mentally happy.




Smart Living in Wellness World around Thailand

"Happy body ... happy ... can live all over Thailand in the Wellness World"

Happiness and happiness is the balance of life.

Outside and inside, the Seed of Life is an ancient graphic symbol.

(Used for a long time since the Egyptian era) was inspired.

In this design Seven overlapping and intersecting circles form shapes.

That reflect nature (The seed and the flower) hide the implication, the meaning of life Used as a sign of the Blessing (Blessing) and Proctection (Protect) Design of Wellness World.

It was designed based on the Seed of Life grid and formed a logo. And graphics that reflect the integrity and balance of life.



Corporate identity


Wellness World's color scheme is inspired by elements of nature and humans, the brand's main color is dark green. Reflects fertility, stability and dignity, with the secondary color being beige Expressing tenderness Nature and humanity And black and white colors that are used in conjunction with creating a modern For clarity in communication, please use strictly defined color settings.