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Treatment Guidelines
Provide natural healing therapy According to the treatment guidelines of Mr. Phat Boonchai Isarapisit together with the current plan The disease groups that we provide treatment with natural therapy include Obesity - Diabetes - High blood pressure - Abnormal fat in the blood - Fatty liver - Fat clogged arteries - Allergy - Autoimmune - Kidney degeneration - Various types of cancer
Different ... understandably
Different ... in treatment By understanding the mechanisms of the body, combined with the knowledge of how to use natural nutrients to replace ... repair and restore the body in deficiencies, various diseases can be treated properly and appropriately. The body returns to normal quickly.
Different ... in restoration From experience in treating many patients, it makes Dr. Boonchai Isarapisit understands the "heart" of health recovery. Is to restore the mind of the patient Which is a major cause of organ recovery inside the body
Different ... quality of life "There is no place as happy as at home" From this saying, the idea is to make the recuperate feel like living at home. Well in its entirety, such as exercise Offering alms to monks Eating together Rejuvenating Yoga Therapeutic massage, herbal steaming and many important activities of the year

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Outpatient Service (OPD)

- NCDs treatment for chronic non-communicable diseases

- Providing knowledge on changing food into medicine to meet the real problems of health. Especially specializing in renal disease and cancer Check your overall health from head to toe of all ages.

- Consultation and treatment of chronic diseases by Dr. Boonchai Isarapisit and the medical team

Inpatient Service (IPD)

Providing health care and rehabilitation services for people with health problems or needing rest to reward life. There are villas in resort style and condominium for service according to the suitable lifestyle. Feel warm and safe With examination by a team of doctors and nurses Provide staff 24 hours a day to take care of those who come to restore health. There are also group activities, spirituality, yoga and more. During your stay at the Wellness Hospital