"Healthy and Natural Way book series" is the work of "Dr. Boonchai Isarapisit" that will invite readers to revolutionize the way of life. By returning to obey the laws of nature For good health in all dimensions, both mental and physical health Can prevent and treat various diseases On your own Without having to rely too much on a doctor or medication

"Good Health and Nature" consists of 3 books:

1. Conquer disease without drugs, book 1: revolutionize life, revolutionize health Natural therapy ... conquer disease
It presents the knowledge and experience of the authors of the six diseases fighting pathways: obesity, diabetes, hypertension. Abnormal blood lipids Chronic hepatitis And very abnormal blood cells Which is a group of metabolic syndrome (As part of NCDs) with a revolution in life itself according to the 5 must 5 practice principle.

2. Conquer bad diseases without using drugs. Volume 2, stop aging quickly, stop sick with natural therapy
It is a presentation of procedures that will purify various systems. Of the body to be cleaned By detoxifying the liver - body - mind To prepare the body for the recovery of the organs That deteriorate until causing illness To return to perform the function of restoring the body for the better

3. Conquer bad diseases without using drugs. Volume 3 Conquer cancer, restore kidney with natural power.
Written from the knowledge and experience of the author. In the treatment of cancer patients And patients with kidney disease at the Wellness Care Natural Treatment Center Thousands of people To guide readers to use in the prevention, treatment and fight against the disease. With the principle of using food as medicine It's a simple principle But was highly effective in treatment

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Good health and nature series book

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