Strengthen the immune system with GTL.
The immune system in our body will help prevent and treat disease for us. Both diseases caused by germs such as fungi, viruses, bacteria And diseases that are not caused by pathogens But it is caused by the cells in our body mutating into cancer cells.
The organs that work together to perform this function are ... the liver ... the spleen ... and the bone marrow ... promotes the formation of different types of white blood cells ... and anti-foreign proteins called "antibodies" (Antibody). ... to circulate throughout the body ... Start using the circulatory system ... as a carrier ... Later, white blood cells and antibodies will penetrate through the capillaries ... along with the blood (Plasma) which has Nutrients for white blood cells ... antibodies are mixed with blood ... all of the above are lymph.
The lymph is removed from foreign matter outside the blood vessels ... germs ... foreign matter ... and cancer cells ... which are in the cells and the spaces between cells ... When the lymph is finished, it will cycle back. Into the blood again at the neck veins on both sides.
Wellness Products Development Center by Dr. Boonchai Isarapisit has developed GTL products ... to make our immune system work at its most efficient ... by using immune proteins. In our body ... and 3 other plant extracts ... a total of 4
4 important substances are composed of
1. Glutathione ... is an antioxidant that our liver synthesizes and uses it ... qualifies as a type of protein. It consists of three peptides (tripeptide) that is ... cysteine ​​... acid. Glutamic ... and glycine ... help prevent cells from being damaged by free radicals ... stimulate our immune system to work more efficiently ... and also help the liver to destroy toxins to drive. Outside the body ... thus helping to restore cells It is effective throughout the body ... and is very effective in eliminating cancer cells of the liver ... bile ducts ... gallbladder ... and pancreas.
2. Artichoke ... is a foreign plant ... up on a mountain more than 1,500 meters above sea level ... in year 1970 ... European scientists discovered ... Synarin has properties that help to nourish the liver - stimulate bile production - strengthen gallbladder function - strengthen the spleen. - To enhance the function of Bone marrow ... thus enhancing the function of the immune system and disease throughout the system.
3. Safflower ... is a medicinal plant that provides an important substance ... Carthamin (Carthamin) is a yellow flavonoid (Flavonoid) ... has important properties .. Improve blood circulation and lymph circulation ... reduce pain and swelling Inflammation in blood vessels and tissues ... Helps to heal both internal organs and skin.
4. Apple ... is one of the most familiar types of fruit that Thai people are familiar with ... the most important active ingredient in the drug ... is in the peel and seed ... to give the substance in the poly Phenol ... has the effect of stimulating the immune system ... helps in lymph circulation ... to remove toxins and cancer cells from the body.
GTL is an outstanding product for strengthening the immune system, disease ... increasing the number of white blood cells and platelets ... preventing disease caused by pathogens and diseases caused by cell mutations. cancer


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